The Landscape committee at Quality Living Housing Co-Op does all of the landscaping, grass cutting, flower planting and tree maintenance required to keep the grounds looking healthy, while still having some fun. We have community clean-up days a few times per year (spring, summer and fall) in order for the members to get some of their required participation hours. Participation time is an important (and required) part of Co-Op living, as it helps to keep down certain costs and brings a feeling of community to those who take part.
Each member household is responsible for maintaining their own front and back yards (we have all of the tools, lawnmowers etc.) and the Landscape Committee will help and advise wherever possible. We do this in the most environmentally friendly manner that we can so
that there is no danger of damage to the area in which we live.
The Committee takes care of all common area lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs with a regular schedule of grass cutting and tree pruning in order to make sure that the place where we live is attractive and clean.

This, in essence, is what Co-Operative living is all about.

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