3A Europa Private, Nepean, ONTARIO, K2E 7R5

The Quality Living Housing Cooperative is exactly what it says.... 

A quality place to live where the members co-operate and work together to reduce the cost of living. We take care of our homes and the co-op property by mowing our lawns, painting our fences, fixing our plumbing and shoveling the walkways, just as a few examples. By doing the landscaping, maintenance and other duties that we would do if we owned our own homes, we don't have to hire as many outside contractors, thereby reducing our costs and keeping our housing charge very competitive. 


2 Bedroom Unit

Housing Charge: $820.00

Member Loan: $1025.00

* As of April 01, 2021*

3 Bedroom Unit

Housing Charge: $922.00

Member Loan: $1152.50

* As of April 01, 2021 *

4 Bedroom Unit

Housing Charge: $994.00

Member Loan: $1242.50

* As of April 01, 2021 *

Site Map

Located in beautiful Nepean, ON. Close to schools, parks and many amenities.



The key to making this work is cooperation.

This means the members must do their part . Each member doing their part will reduce the load of a few individuals doing all the work. More than anything else being a member of the Quality Living Housing Cooperative is an opportunity and privilege to work and play together in a community located in a beautiful part of Ottawa-Carleton for a very reasonable price.

The Approach

Everyone has a chance to complete their hours for the unit by painting fences, mowing lawns , shoveling snow and performing small maintenance around our units to keep them clean and tidy.

Because we are a family co-op, children can make friends easily and always have someone with whom to play. 

By knowing and talking to your neighbors you can not only get very good recipes, but also good ideas about everything. 



Board of Directors

The Board of Directors committee is an elected group of five Directors, meeting on a regular basis to manage or supervise the management of the affairs and business of the Quality Living Housing Co-operative. The five positions are Chairperson of the Board, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


The Finance committee is responsible for managing the Co-op's budget and approving expenditures for projects.


The Landscape committee at Quality Living Housing Co-Op does all of the landscaping, grass cutting, flower planting and tree maintenance required to keep the grounds looking healthy, while still having some fun. We have community clean-up days a few times per year (spring, summer and fall) in order for the members to get some of their required participation hours. Participation time is an important (and required) part of Co-Op living, as it helps to keep down certain costs and brings a feeling of community to those who take part. Each member household is responsible for maintaining their own front and back yards (we have all of the tools, lawnmowers etc.) and the Landscape Committee will help and advise wherever possible. We do this in the most environmentally friendly manner that we can so that there is no danger of damage to the area in which we live. The Committee takes care of all common area lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs with a regular schedule of grass cutting and tree pruning in order to make sure that the place where we live is attractive and clean. This, in essence, is what Co-Operative living is all about.


The Maintenance committee is responsible for projects relating to maintaining the Co-op in a state of good repair such as fixing plumbing problems, fences and managing contracts for roofs, windows and doors as well as snow removal.


The Membership committee is responsible to fill units with responsible, long-term members and familiarize them with the Co-op.

Move in - Move out

The Move in - Move out committee is responsible for ensuring a smooth transition into and out of the Co-op. Units are inspected when a member leaves and the conditions are logged and reported to the Board of Directors.


The Parking committee is responsible to ensure the parking by-laws are upheld. This could range from members parking in no parking areas to not paying for extra parking.


The Participation committee is responsible to ensure members are contributing 4 ( four ) hours a month of volunteer work in the Co-op.

Pet Control

The Pet Control committee is responsible for enforcing the by-laws relating to the pets in the Co-op.

Social and Recreation

The Social and Recreation committee is responsible for organizing parties, social gatherings, yard sales and other events in the community. 



3A Europa Pvt.


K2E 7R5


By phone: 613.226.3406

By fax: 613.226.3403





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